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baby Care

Huaren Nursery caters for children aged two months to 18 months and is staffed by fully qualified nurses, operating a staff to child ratio of 1:3. The room is led by our Senior Nursery,who has a great deal of experience in the organizing and running of the baby room.

We understand that babies have different routines at such a young age and often their needs are on demand. Bearing this in mind, all our baby activities are tailored around your child, in a stimulating environment that is always lots of fun - with plenty of cuddles and attention from our staff!

Our baby care room consists of two play areas, a dining area plus a changing and sleeping area.

Adjoining our playroom is a separate room for changing and sleeping, where each baby has their own drawer for nappies, wipes and creams and their own cot and bedding for resting periods throughout the day.

Our baby care staff follows a typical daily routine, which is discussed with the parents at an initial visit during the settling in period. This proves to be extremely beneficial and helps to keep the child settled into a regular routine.


Huaren Nursery is proud to offer the following facilities: Indoor Learning Areas:

12 Colourful and creative open-plan classrooms, with age appropriate equipment and materials. Fully equipped music and multi-function room with piano, guitars, drums and a great variety of other children’s musical instruments. Classroom Promethean Interactive Boards and computers connected to wireless internet. Cosy and homely Children's Library. Montessori classroom where children are encouraged to learn independently and through hands-on experiences

Outdoor Learning Areas:

Beautiful gardens with an in-built sand pit, covered swimming pool, child size tennis court and our very own 'teletubby hill'! We believe in using this area as an ‘extension of the classroom,’ and during the cooler months we have planned activities including, painting, messy play, water play, block and construction, role-play, musical and much more.


At Huaren Nursery, we offer a wide variety of activities to support our approach of positive development. Our days are built around inspiring, enabling, sharing, laughing, learning, guiding, supporting and celebrating. The children have the opportunity to join in any of our nursery activities, ranging from Ballet and Music to Kung-Fu and Swimming,Etc.

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